Night train to Koh Tao


This little boy made me laugh so much, he was so involved in whatever he was watching, whilst his mum cooked and served food off her market stall. Love getting street shots like this!


Before catching the train, we ate food at a restaurant opposite Hua Lamphong train station.


The sun set and it was as if the sky was on fire, how beautiful?!


Hopped on the night train at 7:30pm. The lads all had Singha's and eventually had them taken off them. There must be an unwritten rule that you aren't allowed to drink on them...


We were late booking the night train so only top bunks were available. These are smaller than the bottom beds and right next to the air conditioning so I spent the night curled up in a ball, coughing because my throat was so sore.


Josh at 4am trying to breathe in warm air from under his blanket.


Sairee beach here in Koh Tao. These are the boats that we will hop on board to when we begin our open water diving course. I'm so nervous...

I don't feel particularly great after a bad nights sleep, shitty air con again and a headache but here we are in Koh Tao, finally! It's so hot here, it's actually hard to leave the shade without pining for a drink of water or burning your feet on the sand. We start our open water theory later this afternoon, where Josh and I will have to pass a test so that we are able to go out and complete an SSI. I'm sat in the bungalow on the beach at the moment, I'm going to catch about half an hour sleep and then go out and possibly play a bit of football with Alex and Josh. We just walked in to town to get checked over by the Dr before diving, just to ensure that everything is okay - which thankfully it was, otherwise I'd have been gutted. Alex also got a few piercings in town too which I recorded so I'll share that on my Koh Tao vlog when I am home. Anyway, time for a nap before I fall asleep learning my theory tonight. Have a good day, L.