New Hair

Finally, it’s about time I had a hair cut! It’s been 4 months since I last got it trimmed and that was when I was in Thailand 🙁 What do you think? It feels so short but so much more healthy! It has felt so weird washing it tonight, I feel like I have no hair left haha! After my hair cut I met my friend Bethany for hot chocolate, a chin wag and a walk with her two pooches. It most definitely feels like Autumn today and I quite like it. The cooler weather has made me more excited for our road trip to Scotland next week so we started prepping for that tonight. Our plan however has slightly changed and we might head over to the Isle of Skye instead. I’ve seen some posts on Instagram of ‘The Storr’ and the fairy pools which has made me really want to explore that part of Scotland. Anyone reading ever been there? Hugs, L.