Nai Harn

Hello loves! Today we relaxed and spent some time at the beach. I have started to tan and my shoulders are a little red, ouch! We flew the drone so here are some pictures from that! This is my favourite beach in Phuket. It’s usually one of the quieter ones and the cleanest, compared to Patong beach and Kata beach which are usually quite polluted with litter. Totally unacceptable, I don’t know why some people are so dirty! It’s 8:30pm here and we’ve just been for food, I had fish and chips because I always crave English food when I’m here but it’s so bad of me! Josh couldn’t eat because he has a bad stomach and now he’s asleep, bless him! He’s still going to manage to watch the Utd match though at a bar down the road but that doesn’t start for a few hours. I’m going to go with them too and see some old friends and then tomorrow some friends from England are in Patong for two nights so I’ll get to see them! Yay! A night out on Bangla road, not sure how that will end! Oh and there’s a picture of tonight’s outfit! Love wide leg trousers, these ones are from Zara.. of course! Speak again soon, L.