My Favourite Skincare Products


If you haven't seen me constantly moan about the way my skin has been the past couple of years then where have you been? I don't know what happened but ever since I left college and began adult life, my skin has been an absolute nightmare. Two years ago I suffered with really bad eczema around my mouth and it took almost a year to get it cleared up. I used various products and steroid creams that the Dr prescribed but nothing seemed to shift it and most of the time it made it flair up even more. I also had really bad pimples all over my chin, which were disgusting and was a really low point for me. I'd stare at myself in my magnified mirror and pop them all, making the situation 100 times worse but hey, nothin' like squeezing a spot is there?!

For me, having beautiful skin is a huge confidence booster. I would love not to wear make up and add only a little bronzer, eyebrow gel and maybe a touch of highlight for work but at the moment I'm still getting small bumps, particularly on the right hand side of my face which is a little weird. I've managed to control it a lot and I think the key to that is drinking more water, removing make up and allowing your skin to breathe. I'm forever trying out different products in hopes that one day I find the one but there are so many factors that count towards healthy, glowing, spot-free skin. So here are my favourite skincare products at the moment, tried and tested by moi.

Garnier rose water toner

Every morning before applying my make up and every evening before showering to remove my make up. I love this stuff. It makes my face feel so clean and I love the smell of it. Plus, I think it's half price at the moment too!

Mario Badescu facial spray

Again, I use this product morning and night. Before applying my make up for the day but after using the Garnier rose water toner and again in the evening after my shower. I'm on my 2nd bottle which I bought in Liberty's back in December, it lasts a long time and is so refreshing! You can also use it after applying make up too to help set it.

Nuxe lip balm

This goes everywhere and anywhere with me. Honestly, I don't think I'd have been able to survive without this stuff the past year or so. It has been a god send! Where I work has dried my skin out massively, which I think started my eczema off. It's only a small tub but it lasts forever, you only need the smallest amount on your finger and it seems to last most of the day.

Bio oil

You're probably wondering why this is on the list but I swear by this little bottle. I apply it every now and again, maybe three times a week to my face. I have a few scares from spots I have picked, squeezed, play with... all the things you do with spots you shouldn't and this bio oil has helped reduce the scaring on my face by a hell of a lot. I love it and this is another products that smells bloody divine!

Body Shop tea tree facial wash

My friend bought me this for my birthday and I've only recently started using it in the shower after scrubbing with my St Ives. I love the smell of tea tree although I know many people don't like the smell. To me, it screams clean and I love the tingling sensation I get on my cheeks when I rub it in but just be careful not to get it in your eye because trust me it stings.

St Ives pink lemon and mandarin orange scrub

I have tried every single St Ives scrub and although I love every one in a different way, the pink lemon and mandarin one is a firm favourite. It has the right amount of grittiness to it, so it's a little more gentle than the apricot scrub (although I do like to use this one every now and again when I feel as though my skin needs an extra cleanse) and the smell is be-au-tiful! I use this almost every day as it's perfect for daily use.