Mum’s first time up a mountain: Helvellyn, part 1


Hey lovelies! How has your Sunday been? We planned an early morning hike today because the weather was supposed to be fab, which evidently it was. I've been wanting to get out and on the mountains for quite some time now and what better way to start my first hike of 2019 than with a hike up Helvellyn, over striding edge and down swirrels edge, with my Mum. Yep, my Mum joined us for the first time. She's never done much walking before as she has a bad knee from a motorbike accident she was involved in when she was younger but from what I gathered, I think she loved it! She was on all fours pretty much over striding edge, and she didn't tell us of her fear of heights until I saw her shuffling across the rocks like a little spider monkey. Ah goodness, it felt so good to be out in the fresh air, listening to the birds tweeting and to feel the sun shining on my face - it makes me so much more excited for our trip to Thailand soon. I always say this after every good walk but we are so lucky to live where we do. We can get out early and still be home in time for a 2pm football match - not that I care but with 3 Man Utd fans with us, there's no wonder we whipped around in good time. We have so many photos from today, I've decided to split this post into part 1 and part 2 and perhaps part 3 if I find some more I want to share with you. I also plan on getting the photo of the 5 of us printed and framed for when we eventually get our own house, I think it would look really good as an A2 photograph in a really simple frame, what do you think? Right now, I think I'm going to bath, shower, get in my pyjamas and get an early night. Speak soon and enjoy the rest of your weekend, L.

If you want to see the route we took, you can view this here.