New gym leggings, here!

Did you know that today is the most miserable day of the year? I woke up in such a good mood too, haha! I obviously don't adhere to that day of the year! How has your day been? My Monday has been good, I arrived in time for my £1 a day parking by two minutes spare *wahoo*, got my eyebrows and tash waxed and even managed to fit a really good gym session in in these lovely new leggings I picked up on the way home! They're very comfy and they sit above my belly button which I love because it holds in all my wobbly bits that I'm hoping will have disappeared by the summer 😉 I have been very good lately though and I'm really enjoying the gym and getting in to a routine, I just think I need to step it up a notch this week, I miss feeling really sore for some strange reason... Tonight, I'm going to sort through some paper work and get sorted because I feel like we are living in a bit of a mess at the moment! Speak again soon, L.