Lunch with Clare and Arlo


Hey loves! Today has been so good, even though I've just had to run up from the car with 3 full bags of shopping, in the rain, on my own! This is why I hate food shopping on my own because it's such a hard slog from the car up three flights of stairs! I met Clare and her gorgeous little boy Arlo for lunch at the Farmhouse Kitchen in Kendal. I really love it there, it's reasonably priced and the food is always spot on. It's always so busy whenever I've been in too, which is a good sign and I'd even go as far as saying it's one of the best places to grab a bite to eat in Kendal for lunch. I chose the mushroom and pancetta stack with black pudding and a poached egg, I was between that and the big potato rosti with smashed chilli avocado and a poached egg which Clare chose. We also shared a portion of halloumi fries, which I found a little salty actually. I'm not sure I'm THAT keen on halloumi, although I feel quite ashamed to say it because I'm such a cheese fan! We then wandered around town and I had a browse in Armstrong Ward and spotted this beautiful leather chair in the sale. I didn't manage to get a picture of the price but I just called them to confirm and they said it's down from £950 to £760, which I think is still pretty steep but I love the worn brown leather look and wooden arms. I want to invest in pieces like this when we eventually have our own home, whenever that will be I don't know! I also met with my other friend Emma (yes I have more than one friend, ha!) and I sat with her whilst she got her ears pierced. I also asked her to show me how her house is coming along, so I got to see that too and I can't imagine how excited she must be, doing up an old farmhouse! Now, I have to nip back out and pick Josh up. I'm actually so excited to see him! He's only been away since Saturday morning but it feels like I'm missing a limb without him here. It's frustrating because I sleep so badly when he's away but I love the space, especially in our king size bed! Speak soon, L.