Leeds Bound


Throwback to Christmas Eve with my bestie <3

Morning loves! How have you been lately? Today I'm going to Leeds to spend the night with my best friend, Bethany! She moved there with her boyfriend, Eddy after finishing university. I think I've only been to Leeds once when I was really young but I don't remember it much, so I'm excited to spend the day eating and drinking! 🙂 It is SO cold here, again! Just when I thought that Spring had finally arrived, it was all a lie! So I have my thermal on, with a turtle neck and I'm going to wear my blanket scarf to stay warm because I'm catching the train from Dent which is in the middle of nowhere and Josh has to drop me off early so he can get to football in time and I'm not sure they have a waiting room?! I really hope so though! Anyway, enjoy your Easter weekend, hope it's a good one! Love, L.