Koh Similan

Good afternoon loves! I’m just on my way back to Patong after a day trip to the Similan Islands! We had a bumpy ride out to sea this morning and even encountered a bit of rain on the way to Similan. It was a little scary as the waves were pretty big but we got there and the sun finally came out! I first visited Similan about 4 years ago and it seems to have changed a lot with the amount of tourists that are there which really ruined it for me. It’s a shame that they don’t limit the amount of people who go on these tours šŸ™ It’s the same with Maya Bay and other famous places! I guess that’s why we never got to see any turtles in their natural habitat because it’s just far too busy! Besides from that, it’s been a great day and I would recommend it for anyone who has never been before! Tonight, we’re treating ourselves to a Pizza Company after a long tiring day and taking it easy tomorrow. Talk later, L.