Koh Nang Yuan


Good morning! It's almost 10am here in Thailand and although I'm itching to get out of the door at on that beach, I really wanted to come here and share my photos from Koh Nang Yuan, which we visited this time last week. It's a short boat ride from Sairee Beach, I'd say around a 15-20 minute long tail boat journey and cost us each about 250 baht each. Although, I think that was slightly discounted as Mum and Dad had used the same guy a couple days before. There was also a 100 baht charge for entering Koh Nang Yuan and you aren't allowed to take drones, food or drink which is a little annoying as we had stocked up on water. Oh and if you are Thai then the entrance fee is only 30 baht, so if you do have Thai citizenship but it isn't that obvious, then take a passport or Thai ID card. We spent most of the day sunbathing and snorkelling at the North side of the island, where we saw octopus and loads of tropical fish so it's well worth taking a mask and snorkel, as sunbathing can get a little boring and too hot, especially in March/April as it is Thailand's hot season. I have always wanted to hike to the viewpoint and was surprised at how small the whole space was. If there is more than 10 people it's actually really cramped and there isn't anywhere to shelter from the sun but hey, we enjoyed the super hot and sweaty climb, took the photos and then rushed back down for a bottle of water each. At the moment I'm still in bed and Josh has been feeding me Lays extra BBQ crisps dipped in spreadable cheese because the milk was frozen, so I couldn't have my bowl of KoKo Crunch, which I craved first thing when I woke up. Anyone else crave milk and cereal when they are on holiday? I barely ever eat it at home.. strange! The plan for today is to head to a nearby beach. I think someone mentioned Surin, so we will pack a bag and head there shortly. We visited Nai Harn beach yesterday, which is usually my favourite beach in Phuket but there was so many jellyfish, Josh got stung and it was so crowded, so we headed back to Karon where we were when the rain got us. It was actually really nice, the sand is so soft there, apparently it's high in silicon so when you walk on it it's really squeaky. So yes, better scoot! Enjoy your Thursday, lots of love, L.