Kayaking and wild swimming


Hey lovelies! Long time no speak. How are you doing? Happy bank holiday weekend! I'm so happy to be off for 3 days but it's slightly annoying that the weather has turned. Now, it's actually full on raining. My brother Alex and I got out on the kayaks today, Josh is away in London so I had to get someone to do something fun with me! Our bosses kindly lent us them, so we headed into the Lakes this afternoon, with a cheese and pickle butty, a packet of crisps and a curly wurly.. which I didn't actually eat come to think of it. Anyway, we kayaked for quite a long time. My arms began to hurt but it was nice to chill on the lake because it was so still. We took lots of photos of course, I told Alex I needed to check in here and I have run out of content from Thailand, so now I'm slacking on Instagram. Oh, it's a hard life, haha! I did get in for a good 15 minutes too, as you can see. After I warmed up I actually really enjoyed it and now I can't wait for the next time, which will most definitely be next week because we have the Great North Swim in 2 weeks! So, I must get my practise in before hand. What are you guys upto tonight? I'm meeting up with Bethany this evening for a few drinks, as we haven't really seen each other since Christmas. Plus, Josh and I received some good news earlier this week so we are cheering to that! I can't share what it is right now but I will in a few weeks, or maybe even sooner, who knows! Right, time for a steak pie and mash before I try to glam myself up a little. Speak soon, L.