Hey loves! It's finally, finally February and only 11 days until pay day. I don't mean to wish my time away but after paying off my flights to Thailand and spending my money on various other things, I'm skint, once again! I have a strategy this year though and I'm feeling good about getting some savings in the bank ready to buy our first home. Step one, open a help to buy ISA, something I should've probably done a long time ago but because I already had a saving's account I couldn't open a help to buy until the next tax year. Step two, well there isn't really a step two. Just save, wish for the best and try not to think too much about going out and enjoying myself. I keep saying life's too short but in reality all I want is a home to make my own. So, how was January? Well... It was a good month. I attempted dry January and managed 22 days without a single drop of alcohol, until I caved on Josh's birthday evening and had to sample the red (and white) wine which was complimentary from the FREE hotel we were staying in, how could I not? Besides from that, I didn't really miss it one bit. I survived 3 nights out on good old ginger beer, I didn't get anxiety which I thought I would and it actually brought me more out of my shell. I was thinking of giving it up for another month but I did kind of miss the odd glass on red of a Friday night and I also had a couple the other night for Josh's uncle Robin's 60th birthday bash. I  gave up biscuits for January and I'm proud to say that I completed it (as long as the chocolate fingers don't count, from Bodhi's Christening last Sunday). And, my proudest achievement... I gave up sugar in my tea! Something I will be cutting out now for the rest of my life. I didn't miss it and I grew to love (like) a cuppa without 100 digestive biscuits. I've also realised that sugar is so so bad for your skin and health, so cutting sugar out of my tea was really important to me. Anyway, I've just got home from my TAT class with Amy and Emma. We go to a class the first Monday of every month, so it's nice to catch up but also work out at the same time and push my self a little more than I perhaps would at the gym. The photos from above are from the weekend - we got driving licences done for Thailand because the Police there often set up check points.. and basically if you're a foreigner, driving a motorbike, they will pull you over and check if you have a licence. If you don't have one they fine you about 500 baht (roughly £10) which stinks a bit when you get pulled over several times in one week, so for the sake of £5.50 and the cost of some passport photos, we decided that we'd always get them done. Enough of me rambling, I'm going to bed! L.