I’ve Been Slacking


A very blurry polaroid from our snow day last Wednesday.


Hey guys! How are you? I haven't posted since last week, I've felt like I haven't had too much to say and life isn't so exciting at the moment but I'm in a very happy and content place at the moment. This weekend we stayed pretty much indoors and decided that exploring the mountains was off the cards after the freezing temperatures we have had here! Every time I post on here , all I seem to talk about is the weather, haha! Very British of me, I apologise. We have our new car ready at the end of the week which I'm obviously very excited about but I'm so sad to be saying goodbye to my first car I've had for 4 whole years! I remember being so excited to be able to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Driving so fast down country lanes, making pointless journeys over to Kendal for a McDonald's or a trip to Asda just so I could go out driving with my friends. I kind of miss being a carefree teenager! Now, all I seem to do is work and look forward to my next week off. Surely that isn't what life is about? Speak soon, L.