It’s been a tough week

Friday morning from Black Horse, looking down in to Sedbergh. Just gorgeous!

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Another wall picked and Will & Josh working super hard.

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Looks like the only chance I get to post here is on a Sunday evening! Life feels non stop at the moment, which I love of course but right now, I'm super tired and so not ready for Monday morning. This week has been.. interesting, to say the least. Gran went off on her jolly holidays on Friday for three weeks, so we're home alone fending for ourselves. We so badly want to be independent but my god, it's so handy having someone to help out with meals and washing etc. it truly is a full time job! I don't know how people balance having a job, children, washing the pots, doing the ironing, etc. and still having the energy to do something fun. I am drained! From there it all went down hill... Will ended up falling through the bathroom floor, into the alley way below. Turns out the whole ceiling is plaster board! Just what we want... but I'm thankful it's happened now so we can fix it and replace it with something decent. If this is the only problem we encounter during our house renovations then I'll be happy. Obviously it's not ideal but, c'est la vie! Then, yesterday I was parked in M&S's car park when some turnip bashed our drivers door and chipped the paint. Thankfully, he was cooperative and gave me his details, so I'm hoping it gets dealt with ASAP, as we love our Golf and it's sad to see it chipped and wounded. Unfortunately there's no CCTV covering where I was parked either, so he best be honest! I had serious heart palpitations for a good hour or so after. I had worked myself up so much, I don't even remember driving from M&S to Asda. It's so weird how stuff like that affects me. Does that happen to you too? And to top things off, my cat has fleas! Isn't it just fabulous. So, all weekend I've been hoovering, shaking flea powder EVERYWHERE. Itching, scratching, going mad basically! It's all fun and games here in the Fearn/Porter household. If anyone can help me get rid of them though, please tell me how to as I'm going insane. I finally managed to sit down and watch Jesy Nelson's: Odd One Out on BBC iPlayer this evening. I cried, so much. It's heartbreaking to watch such a beautifully strong woman crumble at the words of bullies. You can tell people not to listen, to take it on the chin or tell them it's a joke, but the affects of words can have a bigger affect on somebody than physically hurting them. We were always told that 'sticks and stones may break my bones but words won't harm me'. Not true. You're accountable for what you say, in jest or not. In person or on the internet. I'm so glad that I grew up without social media, that I only saw my school friends either at school or at the playground. There was no Instagram or Facebook.. but we did have MSN. A chat site where you logged in on a computer, where you couldn't be contacted 24/7 but for only the time you logged in yourself. Maybe that's what we need to focus on more, not being so accessible to everyone, all hours of the day. Who knows what the answer is! I just hope that one day, when I eventually have children, that they never have to experience what Jesy has. Speak soon, L.