Island Life

Sawasdee Ka! That’s hello in Thai! How’re you? I’ve had such a lovely day and evening with my love! This resort is so relaxing I can’t even describe how it makes me feel! Today we did a lot of swimming and sunbathing and tonight we had a buffet dinner at the API restaurant after watching a live band in the bar. Love, love, love the atmosphere here, everybody is so happy and smiley! I understand why Thailand is the land of smiles, it’s so true! We also came across some guys from ‘Ex On The Beach’ and an influencer/model from Sweden that I follow on Instagram! So strange seeing them here especially as they’ve done some work in Kendal (near where I live)! Now, I think we’re going to put a film on and get some kip soon as we return back to Patong tomorrow and I want to be up early to make the most of it! Speak again soon my loves, L.