I'm currently sat on the sofa watching Tarzan whilst I sip a hot cup of tea. I've been browsing Pinterest tonight for some inspiration. I did try Tumblr at first but I just can't get my head around it at all. I'm really not a fan of the layout, I find it all very confusing and hard work to use, so here's a little mood board of some thing's inspiring me at the moment from Pinterest! Using Photoshop to manipulate photographs and merge thing's together, I love this idea! Clean cut, simple fashion like that gorgeous black swimming costume styled with a pair of retro 60's style sunglasses, they can make any outfit look chic! Can't wait to get a pair for our summer holiday. Fresh, sun kissed skin and minimal make up or even better .. non at all! What I love about going on holiday is being able to wear only your tan on your face and still feel pretty. Loving the grainy effects and style of film photography at the moment, I think it's about time I invested in a film camera for the summer. Any recommendations? I want to see as many places as possible this year, particularly Europe. I want to visit all the untouched places, blue water, lots of flowers, not many people. I really want to see more and live more! I even want to get out camping more and after an unsuccessful trip to Scotland last year, I would like to go back when the weather is a little better.