I Never Want To Leave

Can I just stay forever? If I could, I most definitely would! Just need to learn Thai! I’ve put together my first vlog which just seems to take forever to upload.. but it is coming and it features us surprising Alex in Bangkok! Josh and I have planned 2 nights away in Koh Phi Phi on Monday at a luxury 5* resort on the north east side of the island. I’m thinking of perhaps vlogging that too, what do you think? If anyone who has been knows of any great sunset/sunrise points, I would love to know, leave me a comment!  Last night I had Passeu (not sure if that’s how it’s spelt) which is the stir fried noodles at the top with vegetables and chicken – really delicious! Then later we walked along Patong front and had drinks at our ‘local’, The Quenchers on Nanai Road. If you are ever in Phuket, stop by for the prawn salad – delicious! It’s already 31 degrees here today and it’s only 10:30am! I’ve oiled myself up and I’m going to relax by the pool before going for some food. We have nothing planned, just a relaxing one! Maybe we’ll go and explore the island a little more on our motorbike! Speak again soon and let me know if you want me to vlog my Phi Phi trip! L.