House tour | before

Here's the house before the decor! Honestly, it's come a long way since the 17th of July (the day we got the keys) and I still can't believe how much we have done since then.. it's only been almost 3 weeks! Are we ready to move in yet? Certainly not.. but I really hope we can before Christmas next year. We've knocked down the wall between the kitchen and living room, the wooden boards that closed the staircase off and already it feels so much more spacious. Tonight has consisted of cleaning up rubble, getting rid of the built in wardrobe in the main guest room - which may I add, we regret knocking down because of how well built it was. We should have just changed the doors to spruce it up and replaced the coving which would have been less expensive than replacing a solid built in wardrobe.. but I guess we live and we learn! Tomorrow we will try and get all the rubbish from upstairs downstairs so we have it ready to take to the skip one day in the week. Josh's dad is coming over with his pick up to help with that and then Josh's too younger brothers are coming to help with electrics on Friday, so we are busy, busy, busy! Our first mortgage payment goes out on the 16th which is super frightening.. 30 years I've committed myself to this house and Josh! I'd say it's more of a commitment than marriage, ha! Totally kidding but it's scary and exciting at the same time. Anyway I really hope you enjoy the video. I feel like I was a little nervous at the beginning so I'll try and do a bit more filming once we've got a little further on with the house. Speak soon, L.