Well, hello there! How’s it going? The past few days here have been absolutely stunning! It’s nice to see some real sunshine at long last. Today I did a big food shop and had a little spring clean of the flat. My hay fever hasn’t been too bad today, until this evening when we decided to go for a mini walk/run! Now my eyes and nose are both red raw from rubbing and scratching them! So incredibly frustrating! Here are a few snaps from my home town, Sedbergh using my iPhone. I like to use VSCO to edit my pictures, it is such an easy app to use and I much prefer it to the filters on Instagram too. I even got to see some highland cows on our walk, an animal I’ve ever only seen as a painting or on a photograph. They’re so cute! There was even a calf too! I just wanted to stroke it but we didn’t go anywhere near incase it’s mum ran at us and that’s not something I want to witness, especially with those horns! Hope you’re all enjoying the great weather, I hope it sticks around for the weekend as we have a 80th birthday garden party to attend! Speak soon, L.