Hey lovelies! How’re you? I’ve enjoyed today! Gran and I did some baking for my store’s charity – Kendal Mountain Rescue. I made cheese scones and gran made a sandwich cake, yum! I think I overdid the scones though, haha! I thought it was about time I showed you where my room had got to so here it is! I love it, especially my gorgeous chesterfield bed that I haven’t stopped talking about since the day I laid my eyes on it! It’s still a little bare and I plan on having some photographs on the walls. It’s come a loonggg way from where we were last month and I can finally appreciate a proper bed and of course a soft fluffy carpet to tickle my toes when I leap out of bed in the morning. I’ll do a bit of a homeware haul once we’re completely done so I can share with you all my favourite bits and bobs! Talk soon, L.