High Street and Rough Crag

We started walking at 8:45am. It was a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky.

This is the DJI Osmo Pocket I used to film my latest YouTube video on. It's so small, the perfect size for holding in my hand. It's 3 axis gimbal makes filming so much smoother and it also shoots in 4K, making the video's look super sharp!

Stone shelters overlooking Small Water.

Haweswater in the background and Small Water in the foreground. I find the walk up to this point really gradual, perfect for beginners!

I forgot my tripod so we couldn't get a photo together here, which I'm gutted about.

On High Street looking down towards Windermere.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Pre lunch, looking very hangry.

After lunch.

I have no idea where about in the walk this was as I didn't even know Josh had taken it. So, I'm just sticking it in here.

Just bliss.

Scrambling down with Blea Water to my right.

On our way down from High Street, on Rough Crag. We took the shortest route down but you can make the walk longer by carrying on to Kidsty Pike. The views from Rough Crag are much nicer though!

Honestly, I could not have asked for a better day than yesterday. We were truly blessed with the weather and I'm so glad that Josh didn't have a football game and I managed to get out of working, so that we could spend some time together, just the two of us, out walking. We didn't leave home until around 7:30am, which was quite late for us as we were hoping to catch the sun rising, as we ascended High Street. It was slightly annoying but the views were still absolutely bloody beautiful, so I can't complain really. I even got some lovely tan lines where my shorts and socks had been, it was that hot! We ended up back at the car for around 1:30pm, so it took us roughly 4 and a bit hours including quite a long lunch break. We decided to head back down Rough Crag, as opposed to carrying on to Kidsty Pike (the route we took last time), so it shaved quite a chunk of time off. The next time we plan on heading here is Winter. We haven't got any Winter sleeping bags yet but we can't wait to camp out under the stars. There are talks of a ghost who wanders the top of High Street, as it used to be an old Roman Road. Can you imagine building a road all the way up there? Anyway, hope you enjoyed our photos and if you haven't seen the video then head over to either my Instagram for the short version or my YouTube channel for the extended version.. and please subscribe if you haven't already! Lots of love, L.