Happy Birthday!


My love <3

Hello guys! I've been so tired these past few days! I need a week off! 23 days and counting 😉 haha! Yesterday was Josh's birthday, my mum cooked us lots of food for Josh's family. It was nice to see all of his brother's and his mum and grandma to celebrate him turning 27. I didn't plan anything for us to do together, we did say that we weren't going to spend anything for birthdays, valentines and Christmas etc. this year because we are both trying to save. We are going away for a week in February though in a camper van so I have lots of little treats planned! I am very excited about spending some time alone together at long last. It feels like all we do in our spare time is spend it with friends or family since Christmas but it will be nice to just be the two of us 🙂 Anyway, I'm going to make dinner and get an early night because my eyes won't stay open! Speak again soon, L.