Grand Designs Live

I didn't get many photos from the weekend. Mainly because I was trying to take in as much as possible at the Grand Designs show and partly because I was so tired. I feel like the weekend was just non stop. We worked on the house until late Friday night, I worked Saturday, did a food shop, went out for tea, got up early for a trip to the Grand Designs Live show and Ikea - which I'll delve in to shortly. We spent a good two hours at the show and I found a few things I liked, such as lighting, flooring and other bits and pieces. However, I did find that there weren't many companies that stood out for me. I love some of the pieces from this Indigenous company but their website isn't great and every single time I go to click the back button, it asks me to download a free brochure! We then hopped in the car and headed over to Ikea. Believe it or not it was our first time there. It was even Kelly and Kurt's first time from @lifeatlowwinderbarn, so this was very exciting for the four of us. I found the inspo good, seeing the rooms and colours together and I love their accessories, however I don't think I'll be buying any furniture from Ikea anytime soon. I found it all quite flimsy if I'm honest. I'd rather wait and save up for a sofa or a set of drawers and buy something I knew was built to last. I guess it's a little like fast, throw away fashion but I guess because it's well priced they do well, just like all the fast fashion companies. I don't mean to skit them because I did leave with some glass tupperware and I'll certainly be back for more kitchen accessories. Anyway, I don't actually have much else to say apart from I'm tired, as per usual.. I want the house to be liveable so I can move in and that's that really. I have another renovation tip post heading your way, so I'll try to post that by the end of the week. Speak soon, L.