Ginger Farm Kitchen, Chiang Mai


Where we ate: Ginger Farm Kitchen, Chiang Mai

I know I said that I probably wouldn't have time to post but I do have a couple of minutes spare and I really wanted to share with you our meal from last night, whilst it's still fresh in my memory. Wow, the most delicious meal we've all had here in Thailand was at a great find, just across from our hotel in the One Nimman shopping area. A must try for anyone who visits Chiang Mai. Although a little steep in price compared to street vendors, it is definitely a treat and well worth it in my opinion. Mum and I had the Tom Yum cocktails - delicious! And Alex and I both went for the Khao Soi noodles, the dish that I've been craving ever since I had it in Bangkok. Then we all shared a variety of dishes, from fried shrimp, fish balls, fried eggs covered in tamarind sauce to the most amazing crispy belly pork. Urgh, I could eat it all again now it was that good but I'm currently lying in bed, with a sore throat, waiting for Josh to get back from the gym before we head down to breakfast. We are heading to the airport around lunchtime to hop on a flight back to Bangkok, where we will catch a train later this evening. I'm so excited to get to the beach, it's definitely the best part of Thailand for me - the beaches, the palm trees, the sunsets and the chilled out lifestyle. Chiang Mai has been good but I don't think we made the most of our time here, which means we may have to return in the near future! Doi Inthanon was on my list of things to do here and I failed but in all honesty, non of us could be bothered with the 5 hour round trip to and from the hotel. Anyway, Josh is back now and urging me to move out of bed so I best do as I'm told, ha! I guess I'll speak to you when I'm in the south of Thailand tomorrow! Lots of love, L.