Getting Sorted


Well, my wish of Spring arriving sooner rather than later never happened and it's still snowing outside.. We had to cancel our plans last night as all roads leading in and out of Sedbergh were too dangerous so we had to stay home and cook for ourselves, even though we were so looking forward to meeting our friends and having some good pub food. I had planned on visiting 'The Little Ice Cream Shop' in Hawkshead today and going for a bit of a drive around the Lakes in our new car but obviously because of the weather that didn't happen so we decided to get sorted with our finances, get some bills paid, etc. etc. You know, all the boring stuff we always put aside! But I'm glad we've done it now because I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! We have a year left of paying the flat off, so around this time next year we will *hopefully* be looking at buying our own house which I am SO looking forward to but it just seems like a lifetime away! I can't wait to have a bit more independence, although I'm not sure how well I will cope with all the cooking, cleaning and ironing, haha! Speak again soon, L.