From My Phone

1. Lunch, scrambled egg and fried courgette.

2. Colour swatches for my bedroom.


3. Garnier heat clay mask and perfectly threaded brows at long last!

4. Our bedroom at the moment.


5. My best friend Emma!

6. Catch up over hot chocolate and a vino for me (I’ve worked hard this weekend, haha!)


This week has gone so so fast! It feels like I’ve done so much but the days have flown by and now it’s Sunday and back to work tomorrow 🙁 So, here’s my week in pictures from my phone. I don’t always carry my camera around with me and I often prefer my iPhone pics anyway! I think I might do this every so often, maybe 2 times a month, what do you think? I hope you like it! Now, time to shower and watch Vikings (a new series Josh has got me in to although I didn’t have much choice because it’s on all the time, haha!). I’m going to be posting every other day to keep you updated with the flat but I can’t post to Facebook incase my gran sees, so come follow me on Instagram Stories and Snapchat for any updates! Hope you had a super duper weekend, speak again on Tuesday, L.