Friday Night

Evening guys! Just a little update tonight as I’m trying to blog more and more each week, with hopes of more outfit posts coming later in the year! Today has felt like a bit of a whirlwind, I don’t quite know where the day has gone really! Unfortunately today was my great auntie Jacqueline’s funeral. Jackie passed away almost 3 weeks ago now after a long battle with cancer. It’s been difficult for her family, especially for my gran who has been caring for her over the past month or so. It’s horrible to watch people suffer in this day and age, I will miss her.

This afternoon I started my next upholstery project, this chair! It was upholstered by my great, great grandma so I want to keep it as a family piece of furniture. I have started sanding it down today, although it could probably do with a bit of TLC as it’s a little wobbly and loose in some places! I’ve ordered some fabric samples from Sanderson that you can help me decide on when I receive them, hopefully sometime next week. It’s going to be a gift for my gran, so I’m going to pick something quite floral and a little traditional I think! Tonight I decided to make spaghetti bolognaise, one of my favourite dishes! It was awesome – if I do say so myself, haha! I over indulged on too much garlic bread so now I’m slumped on the sofa watching a film by myself because Josh went to bed. We’re out tomorrow evening with some friends for dinner, hopefully I manage to capture more than just three lame pictures, haha! L.