Day 5 | Are We Getting Anywhere?


Hola! It’s day 5 and oh my the days just seem to be whizzing by! It feels like not much is changing and it’s all the hard work at the moment. Late nights and early mornings aren’t working well, however I’m surprised at how well I’ve coped so far! Josh has started insulating the front bedroom (our room) and has started boarding the ceiling in my grans room! We have also come across a bit of a problemo.. asbestos! Not sure how dangerous it really is but I was always warned about it and told not to breathe any of the dust in. I think the tiles throughout the whole flat are made from the stuff too so we will probably have to find a way of disposing them properly, as some of them are cracked and damaged. We also have Aaron here tonight helping with the radiators and we’ve decided to get a newer, sleek and longer radiator in our bedroom. I’d rather not have them at all but it’s always cold up here int North so we most definitely need one! Progress seems slow because Josh can only work on nights after work but we’ll get there I’m sure! I’m picking the carpets and paint on Thursday which is exciting so I’ll speak to you again on Thursday, L.