Date Night at Home


Throwback to our trip to London in December 🙂

I thought I'd come over and check in with you guys. Josh is still working so I'm sat watching Emmerdale, haha! We have the house to ourselves tonight so I'm going to cook tea for the two of us. It feels like so long ago since we enjoyed an evening together, just the two of us. I bought an M&S dine in because I've been working all day and it's easy to just throw in the oven, plus it's always so tasty! I thought I'd write a little list and I saw this one over on and thought I'd answer them too! So, here goes...


1. Last thing you bought?

Some fruit cider because we are both loving drinking that at the moment.

2. What you usually get compliments for?

My smile and my hair.

3. Name of your first pet?

She was called Susie and she was a grey cat 🙂

4. What do you like to eat when you’re feeling down?

Something warm and stodgy, like cheesy mash potato or grilled cheese and tomatoes on toast! Mmm...

5. Whats the plans for this summer?

To kick the Summer off we are heading to Greece for a week which I am SO excited for. Other than that we don't have anything else planned but I guess it will just involve lots of walking, wild camping and exploring a bit more of the Lake District.

6. What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Umm, my mum has probably fed me all sorts over the years but I tried some fried insects once in Thailand and I would probably eat them again.

7. What does your morning routine look like?

Wake up around 7/7:30, check my phone, brush my teeth and wash my face, gym for an hour, have breakfast and then have a Thai lesson for an hour.

8. Your favourite tv serie?

Definitely Power! Can't wait to have it back on my screen.

9. Something that your thankful for?

I'm very thankful for my health and having my close family around me.

10. Best feeling?

That feeling of success, that you've achieved something really great. And being able to share it with your loved ones.

11. What does it say in your last recieved text?

"He can't come after Monday" - Josh.

12. Something you miss at the moment?

My family in Thailand, as always. I facetimed my Mum and Thai Granny the other morning and I just want to give her a squeeze.

13. What do you like to do when you have free time?

Blog, eat, gym, go hiking and take photographs.

14. What did you want to work with when you were younger?

I always wanted to be an air hostess and I did apply for Emirates a few years ago but couldn't because of my tattoos 🙁 now I think I'd love to be an interior designer or just have my own design business.

15. Name 4 jobs you’ve had:

Waitress, barmaid, florist and an apprentice in pattern cutting.

16. What are you going to do after this list?

Probably light the oven ready for dinner and pour myself a glass of red wine.