Changes and things I’d like to see and do

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I'm sure there are so many of you who have taken this time at home to reflect on the current situation and your lives. For me, it's made me think about all the things I want to do when this is over. I've been doing a lot of thinking, especially when I've been out of the house doing my one bit of exercise a day. It's not intentional, it kind of just happens. I forget where I am sometimes because I've been thinking that much. One of my main thoughts were what am I going to change or do when this is all over? Will it all go back to normal, will 'normal' life resume and do I want to go back to my normal ways? So I've noted down all the changes I'd like to make in the coming months, as well as all the things I'd like to see/do and stuff I've been putting off!

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  • Walk or cycle to work as much as possible. This will be much easier when we move into the house as it's much closer to work. I don't mind walking/cycling to work but it's when you have to race home for lunch hour that really gets me!
  • Shop locally. Our local shops have been absolutely brilliant during this very uncertain time. I've been reluctant to head to supermarkets and it's been difficult to get a delivery or even a click and collect! Thankfully the fruit and veg shop have been delivering and the butchers put an order together for me ready to collect. It's made life so much easier and I actually really enjoy receiving and unpacking a load of shopping that you haven't had to go out and do for yourself! I'm definitely going to be carrying on with this and although it may cost a little more, at least you know it's going to a local independent business.
  • Go on more less well-known walks. I think we've pretty much done the best walks in the Lakes but if you've spotted one we haven't completed, please let me know! I've been busy researching walks that we can do which aren't as well known, so when the time comes we have a few to chose from.
  • Included in the walks are Ben Nevis and Snowdon. I already put them on my bucket list for this year but it does look as though I might not be able to to tackle them just yet.
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Came across these two beasts today. It's my dream to live out in the country in a barn conversion with some land, a Defender, some quad bikes and chickens!

  • Explore more of the UK. This one was already on my bucket list for the year too but it's something I really want to make an effort with . I love my holidays, especially to Thailand as you may or may not know but the UK has so much to offer, from the Scottish Highlands to the South Coast. When the weather is right, it is a truly lovely place to be. In fact, I'm going to start pin pointing places on the map and find some cute Air BnB's!
  • Start learning Thai again. You never truly realise how much family means to you until there is a crisis like this. To have half of my family on the other side of the world has been brilliant in many aspects, as I've been able to travel out there almost every single year of my life to be with them and spend time with them. However, I never really picked up the language and although I started learning last year, the house took priority and I stopped having my lessons. To be able to call my Sister, my Grandma or my Nephew and actually have a conversation with them would be a dream come true!
  • Have more down time. This time at home has made me realise that life isn't all about living in the fast lane. Before all this, I felt like I had to be doing something all the time. I had to be coming home from work, to then go to the house to work, then come home late and sleep to get up for work again. Some days it will be like that, until the house is completed but it doesn't have to be like that every single day of the week. My Gran told me something the other day and it was that everyone should have 15 minutes a day to sit, think and reflect, with no distractions, no noise, no phone, nothing. She also said that Sunday's were the day for this. They were a day to be quiet, to reflect on the week and prepare for the days ahead. I totally agree with her and it makes sense when you think about it!
  • Do more of what I love. This includes experimenting with print making, painting, drawing, sewing, photography, blogging, filming, the list goes on. I love being creative and I've felt like the past few years haven't allowed me enough time to be. I took the first step of enrolling on a college course which has obviously been suspended until further notice but I want to be able to do it in my own time too, which is why I set up a separate Instagram account to help spur me on!