Burnmoor Tarn


Hello there! How are ya? I'm very very excited! We just booked our summer holiday to Santorini and I literally cannot believe we are going to be there this Summer, it's going to be a dream! Santorini has been top of my bucket list of places to see so if anyone is reading who knows of any beautiful places to see, eat, drink, swim etc. etc. then please do send me a message or leave a comment below because you know how much I love to plan a trip, haha! Anyway, back to our most recent holiday to Wasdale, the wettest place in Britain.. (slight contrast to the likes of Santorini but very beautiful nonetheless). On Monday we had planned on hiking up to Pillar Rock but after a bit of a lie in and a blinking good bacon and egg butty, we decided there wasn't enough time so we settled for a yomp up to Burnmoor Tarn, following the old coffin route over to Eskdale. It was a pretty murky day and it was very boggy but it was nice to spend some quality time together! We made a packed lunch and sat by the tarn which was a little spooky actually as there was just no-one around at all, had a fly of the drone and walked up to some pretty waterfalls too before heading back down for steak and a bottle of red wine, perfect! Tonight, I think I'm going to go for a run and a light gym session seeing as though we've booked our holiday haha! 😉 Speak again soon, L.