Hey lovelies, how's your week going? I can't believe how beautiful it's been at home. I know I always go on about the weather (isn't that what us British do?) but it's so uplifting waking up to blue skies and warmth. It's proper good for the soul.. and don't tell me otherwise! After work today I went to see my pal Amy. She's the one who's been daft enough to sign up with me to do the Great North Swim. We were supposed to practice this evening in the river behind her house but we decided to go for a walk instead and play with Henry the puppy. How gorgeous is he?! We actually had the chance to have Henry's brother, a black cocker but it just isn't the right time, especially with Theo, he would not allow another pet in the house! He'd proper claw it to death. Plus I'd like our own home first before any pets and pet bills and pet food. It's just another expense! Anywho, I'm rambling and I'm extremely tired. I've literally just had some tea. Grilled cheese and tomatoes on toast, man it's the best. Oh, and I'm sipping a mug of hot chocolate that my Gran made for our walk but we never ended up drinking because I forgot to grab it out of my car and Amy told me she doesn't even like it anyway! Right, bed, ready for a new day tomorrow! Lots of love, L.