Birthday Surprise!

Hey! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Yesterday I showed you my outfit and look for Saturday night and you’re probably wondering where I went! Well, it was our friends birthday and his girlfriend Kelly had arranged a surprise meal at our all time favourite restaurant in the Lakes, The Wild Boar. Great food and fab company, I love meeting up with friends for food and drinks! We all had steak but my 8oz fillet steak was to die for! With triple cooked chips, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and of course blue cheese sauce to accompany it, my mouth was watering and it’s actually watering now thinking about it! The portions aren’t massive but the quality of the food there is 10 out of 10. We got the chef’s table so we sat right next to the kitchen and you can see your steak being cooked which is quite cool. Later, we went over to the Brown Horse, a 5 minute drive away in Winster. Such a cosy country pub in the middle of nowhere it seemed! They have lots of different gins to offer so the girls had elderflower gin with pomegranate seeds in, delicious! They also had a singer on, James Johnson who came third in a series of the Voice! He had a cracking voice and so did his girlfriend! What a match they make. Loved singing along and having a little dance at the bar! Anyway, enough of me rambling.. Ciao, L.