Birthday Dinner

1. Love love love these earrings from Zara!

2. ‘I have this thing with floors’

3. Chilli maple smoked duck – omg I can’t tell you how delicious this dish was! The best!

4. Stir fry bay of bengal tiger prawns and mussels, another delicious choice we made.

5. The ladies room.

6. A very beautiful decorated rest room! Possibly the nicest one I’ve been in?

7. Gilpin Spice restaurant.

8. Interior.




Incredible dinner at the Gilpin Spice restaurant last night for my birthday! Josh booked dinner here as a surprise. I thought we were going somewhere else so it was such a lovely surprise turning up here! The interior was beautiful, we sat on the table in front of the chefs so you can watch your dinner being prepared which was great. There’s nowhere like this here in the Lake District as far as I’m aware so I felt as though we had come away on a city break for the night. There are some dishes I wouldn’t choose again but majority of the dishes we chose were exceptional! The duck was to die for, I could’ve eaten another plate of that to myself… as well as the Pain Puri (I never managed to get a picture because they were gone within seconds, so so good!) I’m already looking forward to next time! Today I’m going to take it easy because we are going for a bit of a hike tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be good, so I’m going to have a bit of a tidy, maybe take a nap and watch ‘The Sinner’ on Netflix. Speak again soon, L.