Bedroom Inspiration

All pictures I got from Pinterest! Follow me there for more inspo!


Evening loves! Hope you’ve had a productive day! I’ve had a spring clean of the flat and I feel so good for it. Fresh bed sheets too so I’m already excited to get in to bed tonight, haha! So, now I’m back to reality and settled back to work I can start thinking about the flat and how I want it to look! If you don’t know, Josh and I just bought a flat but you can read more about that here! We have a long way to go before I can start picking out paint and carpets but a girl can alway’s dream right?! Work starts in July and we plan on starting on the two bedrooms first whilst my Gran is away in France for 3 weeks! I still have my heart set on this dark blue colour! Love it with dark wood, gold, grey and white accents! Although I need to be careful it doesn’t look to ‘seaside’ because I hate that look! You won’t find any rope or drift wood here, sorry! I think I’m going to make a bit of a video diary when we begin our work on the flat, what do you think? Anyway, just a quick post.. let me know what you think of my ideas! I’m going for a walk up the fell quickly before dinner! Homemade fish and chips, yum! Speak again soon, L.