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Autumn, you inspire me so much. The sunsets you have been creating lately have been breathtaking, as if the sky was set on fire. Slowly, the nights are beginning to get darker and by Sunday the clocks will fall back and the nights will seem so much longer. At the moment, I'm welcoming Winter with open arms. It's a breath of fresh air after a long hot summer and although I'm not excited for Christmas, I'm so ready for all the delicious food and the cosiness that Winter brings.

I started this week cycling to and from work because 1. I want to use my car less (less money spent on fuel and no fuel emissions!) and 2. because it actually made me feel so much better. I felt more focused and so much more energised. I love the feeling of the fresh air on my cheeks, listening to the silence of a cold frosty morning and the crunch of the leaves. It's actually so uplifting I can't describe it. Even if it does kill my legs!

I got in touch with Angela, my teacher about starting my Thai lessons again after a few months off. My cousin posted a photograph of my Thai Granny on Facebook which made me feel sad and incredibly guilty that I haven't yet been able to have a conversation with her, so seeing that was a lil kick up the arse to start learning again. No more excuses, no more laziness! Now that we have our flights booked, we are hoping that my Thai Granny will join us in Chiang Mai. It's somewhere she's always talked about going so I'm hoping she will be fit and well to experience it with us.

Anyway, I thought I'd come here and say hello. I feel so good lately so I'm hoping I can spread a little positivity or productiveness because that's how I feel, productive! Early night for me ready for an early morning. Josh will be home late from the Utd game so I'll keep my fingers crossed for a win, although I think I'm being a little hopeful... Enjoy the rest of your week, L.