At home

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Good morning! How is everyone doing? I thought the days would drag what with being on furlough leave but the days are actually whizzing by. I've not been up to much, in fact I've quite liked sleeping in and drinking endless amounts of tea and eating cake. I started drawing again but on my Wacom, as opposed to paper. I'm really enjoying it! It was a Christmas present from Josh a few years ago and I've never really done much with it until now. If you would like to follow my prints and illustration journey, you can find a separate Instagram page here. This morning I went for a run. Probably one of the longest runs (walks) I've done in a little while. I really enjoyed it and I found that after 30 minutes of jogging, I felt like I could carry on for much longer. I just need to find a good route! The best routes are foot paths, through fields, out of the way. I like not bumping in to anyone, in fact I've really enjoyed my own company over the past few weeks. I've loved not having plans to go out and do anything or see anyone, and this time indoors has made me into even more of an introvert! Whether that's a good thing or not.. I don't know! My boyfriend will probably say it's a bad thing as I hate socialising as it is, especially with new people. It makes me feel so uncomfortable! Anyway, plans for the rest of the day.. draw with pencil, have a go with my new brush pens, take those drawings in to Photoshop and have a play digitally, make lunch (probably scrambled eggs, we have some lovely free range eggs from Josh's Dad and they are always so yellow and yummy!), then.. who knows what else! Enjoy your weekend, L.