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A walk in the Howgills


Contrary to my horoscope, that told me to rest today... (Gran makes me read it from time to time), I actually have not stopped moving. I cleaned my bedroom from top to bottom, packed Josh's suitcase, went to the gym and then went for a long walk, up Winder and on to Crook fell with my Dad. I'm a little ashamed to say that I've never actually ventured up Crook fell before, so it was a first for me. Maybe next time I'll venture a little further over to Cautley Spout which is apparently the highest waterfall in England. It's literally down the round from us and I've never been, shameful! Anyway, enough rambling.. the plan for this evening is to demolish as many roast potatoes as possible, alongside toad in the hole and roasted tinned tomatoes topped with basil, am I making you hungry yet? We started watching 'Our Planet' on Netflix last night and woah, it's absolutely terrifying how fast the planet is changing. I recommend you watch and encourage your children or siblings to watch it too. Hopefully it will help us all start making small changes, to make our planet a better place for us and for the next generation. Speak soon, L.