A Day of treetop adventures: Whinlatter, Go Ape


So, after planning a day climbing Snowdon and then waking up at 5:45am to find the Met Office weather forecast for Snowdonia expecting heavy rain from 2pm, it was pretty gut wrenching, as we had all our bags packed, ready to set off for 6:30. Never mind though, there's always another time! Plus, I think we'd be better camping or finding a cheap B&B and staying the night, as the 3 hour journey there and back was a little off putting. Instead, we booked a treetop adventure for 10am in Whinlatter forest and it was glorious. However, I did not expect to be so nervous doing some of the activities! What you don't realise is that you show yourself around the course, so you (yes you) are responsible for your own safety. This means that you need to ensure that you clip yourself on properly. If you can manage that (I just about did), then you are all ready to go. Now, the worst thing I came across was the hoops that you have to slot your feet into. They just dangle and swing around so I was basically doing the splits in front of all these other couples trying to enjoy a peaceful morning in the forest. If you want to keep your dignity then I'd recommend avoiding them and taking the slightly easier route to the right... And no, it ain't a cop out, even though Josh told me it was! The zip wires were fun though but you will land in a pile of wood chip, that's for sure. So, wear some old clothes and I'd also recommend taking a spare set of clothes in your car to change into, especially if you plan on going into nearby Keswick or any of the other towns in the Lakes. There's a video over on my Instagram to show you how not to land when you're flying through the forest... After a packed lunch in the sunshine, we ventured into Keswick, covered in crap, hair bedraggled and a little worn out. I found a 80litre RAB bag for my holidays in the sale and we enjoyed a G&T in some posh bar or should I say expensive bar. Now, well... now nothing. We have had tea, the bags are emptied so there's nothing much to do. We do plan on a short walk tomorrow before the Man Utd game at 2 so of course I'll be checking in here later in the day. Speak soon, L.