3 days to go…


Hey lovelies! I can't believe it's been a whole week since I last came here and created a post. I've spent a lot less time on my phone lately, even took up my crocheting again after 2 years and I've felt super tired throughout the week that I just haven't had much time to come here and say hello. The past week hasn't been too interesting if I'm honest. I went to work, I came home, had tea and went to bed Tuesday to Friday. I worked Saturday, did a food shop and then the weather on Sunday was so bloody awful that we didn't do much apart from walk Josh's dogs in the rain. It was actually quite nice to get out though. Yesterday Amy and I went for a wild swim in Windermere. It was a little bit chilly to begin with but you do warm up really quick in a wetsuit! I'm actually really impressed with my wetsuit, in fact I'd say it's the best thing I've bought all year (apart from my flights to Thailand). I'm a sucker for expensive thing's and even when I don't know the price of something, you can guarantee I'll pick out the most expensive item! So, of course I wanted one of the most expensive Rip Curl wetsuits there was on the market and no, I could not afford a £150+ wetsuit. My friend Clare sent me a link to the one I'm wearing which you can find here. It's out of stock at the moment so I can't link you directly to it but it's the Sola Premium Ignite wetsuit. Honestly, if you're thinking of getting out over the summer to do some swimming in the Lakes, get it! So affordable and such good quality! I'm sure it will be back in stock soon so just keep your eyes peeled. I think Sainsbury's have had 25% off their clothing so some clever buggar has probably snapped a load up! We swam for around half an hour yesterday which we think will have been about half a mile, so we are hoping to complete the mile in less than an hour on Saturday but I guess we will just have to wait and see how it goes. Well, it's almost time for bed.. not sure I should stay up for Love Island or go to bed and put the Bodyguard on.. Speak soon, L.