24+ hours of travelling…


Good morning lovelies! What a hell of a long journey that was. The first stretch of our flight wasn't so bad. I sat on the isle seat and I was next to a little boy who was the quietest, most sweetest little boy ever so I managed to catch a couple of zzz's before the second flight, where I barely slept a wink! I was crammed between Josh and a guy (quite a big guy) from Birmingham who took up all of the arm rest between us... So, yeh that wasn't the best flight ever but hey, we are here now in Pattaya for the next two nights. Alex and Dad are staying in Bangkok so we'll meet them plus Mum in a few days time. The hotel we have just checked in to is so beautiful. It's pretty new I believe and they have just opened their new sky bar, so that's where we will be heading this evening! It's only 11:50am so we actually got here in good time. The plan is to head out for a quick bite to eat and then lounge around the pool for the rest of the afternoon.. I'll be updating my Instagram stories mostly but only when we are back in the hotel, as I don't have 4g and won't be connecting to every single wifi spot we come across. Anyway, time to go sunbathe in this lovely warm sunshine, speak soon, L.